Where's Jagr? Hint: Not Pittsburgh

Where's Jagr? Hint: Not Pittsburgh
July 2, 2011, 5:55 am
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Whether you're a fan of the Flyers signing Jaromir Jagr on merit alone or not, I hope you can at least derive some pleasure from the fact that the city of Pittsburgh had to cancel its Welcome Home parade for him. It's a little funny to me to see how many hockey media personalities—not even just Pittsburgh folks—are treating Jagr as some sort of traitor in the wake of his signing with the Flyers. I guess that has more to do with his side not being perfectly forthright with the Pens, but when you look at the result, it's hard to fault them. First of all, he's been a Capital, a Ranger, and played in the KHL, then had multiple teams courting him the whole way back to North America. Second, the Flyers gave him $1.3 million more than the Pens reportedly offered. It's kind of a no-brainer for the Jagr camp.

But, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable to peruse the Pittsburgh papers and blogs to see that after Tyler Kennedy signing, the big news in the Burgh is that the Flyers nabbed both Jagr and Max Talbot. Hell, Jagr and Talbot leaving is actually the top story at the P-G Sports page right now.

If your brain works about as well as mine does on a Saturday morning and Where's Waldo is about your level of aptitude, head over to Pensblog to see a larger version of the Where's Jagr graphic above. I promise you Jags is in there. After looking for 5 minutes and thinking that TPB would totally post something like that and not actually include a Jagr image, I finally found him.

They also have a nice video montage of Jagr and Talbot, set to a song I've never previously liked, but loved in this context. Nice job, Pensblog. That you hate this makes me love it more.

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