At best, Giroux 50-50 for Tuesday's game

At best, Giroux 50-50 for Tuesday's game
September 23, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Claude Giroux seemed a lot less certain about playing Tuesday against the Devils than he did in Lake Placid.

The Flyers' captain had talked very positively over the weekend about playing, but seemed to take a 180 after Monday’s practice at the Wells Fargo Center.

At best, he is now 50-50. Giroux, who is recovering from surgery to repair torn tendons in his right hand, said there are some things he still can’t do on the ice.

“Like I said, there’s not [a] timeline. Just be ready for Oct. 2 for the first game of the season, and if I get a couple games in, I get a couple games in,” he said.

“But today I felt really good and was able to battle a little more. I get frustrated a lot because I like to make plays I can’t make right now. But like I said, the progress is going very well and there’s a lot of time left here.”

If coach Peter Laviolette says you're ready to play Tuesday, what do you say?

“I mean, it’s the preseason,” Giroux said. “It’s different in the regular season. If this was the regular season, I’d have been playing a long time ago, but it’s just making sure it’s 100 percent and not taking a risk. I mean, we still have a week and half before the season, and I’d be not smart just to rush it.”

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