Bringing back Ray Emery was best fit for Flyers

Bringing back Ray Emery was best fit for Flyers
July 1, 2014, 8:30 pm
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Ray Emery took a $650,000 pay cut to return to the Flyers next season. (USA Today Images)

Ray Emery wasn’t the only goalie the Flyers had their eyes on to back up Steve Mason, but in the end, he was probably the best fit. That's why the club re-signed the 31-year-old on Tuesday.

There is genuine chemistry and compatibility between the two, general manager Ron Hextall said after Tuesday’s opening day of free agency.

Emery represented the Flyers' biggest move, as such, in addition to signing two minor-league players in goalie Rob Zepp and Blair Jones.

“It’s an important thing,” Hextall said of goalie relationships. “I’ve been on teams where goalies don’t get along and sometimes it can divide a team and it’s not a good working relationship.

“With Ray and Mase getting along so well and knowing their roles, it obviously worked well for us last year and we expect the same this year.”

Emery took a $650,000 pay cut to re-sign -- $1 million for the year. Emery said he knew the Flyers had salary cap issues.

“[He] knew the position we were in and it’s tight for us,” Hextall said. “In trying to be fair with Ray, would we have liked to have a guy lower than that? Yeah, that’s kind of the market. Ray stretched down for us and certainly we appreciated that.”

Hextall said he had “a couple guys” in mind besides Emery as a backup, but the dollars didn’t work.

He added the Flyers were very “comfortable” with Emery.

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