Bryzgalov's agent rips Flyers' defensive system

Bryzgalov's agent rips Flyers' defensive system
June 26, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Ritch Winter, the agent for Ilya Bryzgalov, sharply criticized the Flyers’ “systems approach” Wednesday on Edmonton radio as a reason why his goalie could not shine in Philadelphia.
The Flyers announced Bryzgalov will get a compliance buyout tonight at 11 p.m. when NHL clubs are allowed to file them.
Speaking on 630 CHED, Winter said the Flyers' defensive system made it impossible for a goalie to see the puck.
“It’s terrible in Philadelphia for a goaltender,” Winter said. “They block shots. They don’t open up lanes. Goaltenders can’t see the puck. The goalie coach [Jeff Reese] has no authority. The head coach [Peter Laviolette] doesn’t listen to him. It’s an issue and it’s made it a challenge.”
Winter said Bryzgalov told him “many times,” he had problems with the Flyers’ style of defensive play.
He said Bryz told him, “‘They pay you $51 million dollars because they seem to think I was good at stopping the puck and then they never let you see it.’ … Ilya Bryzgalov comes in there as a Vezina Trophy nominee and he really struggles, but plays pretty well …
“And Sergei Bobrovsky, who struggled, leaves Philadelphia, goes to Columbus and wins the Vezina Trophy. Yeah, Ilya has to take some responsibility for his performance … at the end of the day, I think there is more wrong with Philadelphia’s goaltending than just the goaltending.
“As you and I know, goaltending is about opening up lanes, and defensive communication with goaltenders. It’s about backchecking. It’s about speed. It’s about transition game. It’s not just about the puck.
“But at the foundation of it all, if Dominik Hasek, couldn’t see the puck, as much as I admired him, and represented him for his entire career, as much as Dom was the greatest goalie who ever lived, if he can’t see it, he can’t stop it.”
Flyers president Peter Luukko and Laviolette both had no comment.

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