Flyers Injury Update: Emery returns to practice

Flyers Injury Update: Emery returns to practice

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March 4, 2014, 12:15 pm
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Ray Emery underwent an MRI last week that ruled out any serious problems with his right hip. (USA Today Images)

VOORHEES, N.J. -- Ray Emery took the ice Tuesday at Skate Zone for the first time since injuring his groin last Thursday night against the San Jose Sharks.

He was rather vague, however, about whether he’ll be ready to back-up Steve Mason on Wednesday night when the Flyers meet the Washington Capitals at Wells Fargo Center.

“Better, I want to take care of myself as best as I can and get back as soon as I can,” Emery said after practice. "I got to balance the two.”

Emery said he wanted to see how he felt later and talk to the medical staff and coaches.

Emery had an MRI last week that ruled out any problems with his right hip or the return of AVN disease that had jeopardized his playing career several years ago.

He did say Tuesday that his injury “crept up” in practice the day before the Sharks’ game and got progressively worse during the game, which is what a source told last week led to a mild groin pull.

Pronger update
Chris Pronger still has lingering effects from post-concussion syndrome, though he has made significant progress during the past two-plus years away from hockey.

“I stay on a pretty steady glide path,” he said on Tuesday. “I still can be symptomatic if I overdo it, but I’ve been pretty steady with the eye therapy and making some pretty good progress. There are still two or three issues with the eye that I’m having trouble with. I think that’s the root of a lot of the issues is the eye, and that’s creating a lot of the head stuff. But other than that, I’ve been pretty good.”

Flyers historian Jay Greenberg asked Pronger if he got everything he wanted out of his NHL career.

“I would say so,” Pronger said. “I actually played 18 seasons, and was able to accomplish a lot in those years. Was it cut short by a few years? Yeah, but there’s a lot of guy who don’t ever get to 18 years whether they play five or six or eight or nine. Eighteen is a pretty good number. Won a Cup, when to three Finals, a couple gold medals.”