Flyers Notes: Yes … that Tom Sestito

Flyers Notes: Yes … that Tom Sestito

Highlights: Flyers rally to beat Canucks in shootout

December 31, 2013, 11:00 am
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Tom Sestito, waived by the Flyers last season, scored a goal against his former club Monday night. (USA Today Images)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Tom Sestito scored a total of two goals as a Flyer before being waived by the team last season.

But on Monday night, as a member of the Vancouver Canucks, Sestito did his best to make the Flyers sorry. On a night when goalie Steve Mason was playing some of his best hockey of the year (see story), it was Sestito who managed to beat him first.

Yes, that Sestito. The tough guy who has maybe one slick offensive move up his sleeve. The fighter who had five career goals before the start of this season.

“There were a couple of guys (Flyers) jawing all game, so it’s good to get one in there,” Sestito said. “I know a bunch of those guys.”

Last year, ex-Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov joked that Sestito should change his name to “Sestitov” if he were to become a goal scorer. He showed a little “Sestitov” in Monday night’s 4-3 Flyers shootout victory -- but he showed a lot of what he’s better known for, too.

“That’s pretty much my role every game, to get under the other team’s skin,” Sestito said. “We just try to have [our] top guys in their zone. I think we did a great job of it for most of the game. Lucky goal at the end.”

The book on Vinny
Canucks goalie Eddie Lack knew what to expect from Claude Giroux in Monday night’s shootout. That’s why he was able to stop him.

But it’s also why he wasn’t able to silence Vinny Lecavalier, who scored the game-winner for the Flyers.

“I kind of had an idea of what Giroux would do,” Lack said. “I didn’t really have a book on Lecavalier and he made a really nice move and scored.

Not a done deal
Had this game been played in October or early November, a late third-period go-ahead goal by the opposition would likely have been enough to deflate the Flyers.

That wasn’t the case Monday in Vancouver. But, according to the Canucks, it should have been.

“When you score with two minutes left, it should be a done deal,” Henrik Sedin said. “But they came back and we had some miscues on our end and they ended up scoring. They have a good offensive team and have a lot of guys making plays.”

All in good fun
It’s a good time to be Michael Raffl.

The Flyers’ rookie was promoted to the team’s top line with Giroux and Jake Voracek a few weeks ago. He scored the game-winner in Edmonton on his first-ever NHL shootout attempt Saturday night. He learned he’d represent Austria in the upcoming Olympic games (see story).

What does Raffl have to say about his end to 2013?

“It’s been a fun month,” he said.