Gagne on Flyers: 'I can't believe I'm not back'

Gagne on Flyers: 'I can't believe I'm not back'

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September 14, 2013, 1:00 pm
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In 27 games with the Flyers last season, Simon Gagne collected five goals and six assists. (USA Today Images)

Simon Gagne is rather upset about not getting a contract from the Flyers and believes his camp was misled by general manager Paul Holmgren to the point where he now has limited options.
In a translated interview appearing on the website from the French-speaking newspaper, “La Presse,” Gagne says he took himself off the market solely because he believed Holmgren was going to offer him a new contract.
“All summer, the Philadelphia Flyers kept hinting that they wanted to offer me a new contract and I even told Robert Sauvé, my agent, not to negotiate with other teams,” Gagne said. “We trusted them. We put all our eggs in one basket and we got caught. We never thought we’d be stuck in this situation at this time of the year…”
Gagne also told La Presse that when reports surfaced about Dan Cleary being offered a tryout with the Flyers, he and his agent, Bob Sauve, felt, “it was like a slap in the face."
“I’m disappointed,” Gagne said. “I knew that hockey was a business, but with all the positive discussions we had with the GM Paul Holmgren, I can’t believe I’m not back with them.”
Holmgren said no promises were ever made to Gagne's camp regarding a contract.

“At no point were we in a position to offer contracts,” Holmgren said. “Hall Gill, Dan Cleary …”

Those were tryout offers.

Holmgren said a tryout was discussed with Gagne as a “possibility” but never went any farther.
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