Hextall on Stolarz's hip: 'There is no red flag'

Hextall on Stolarz's hip: 'There is no red flag'

July 11, 2014, 6:00 pm
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Anthony Stolarz was the Flyers' second-round pick in 2012. (Photo courtesy of the Flyers)

VOORHEES, N.J. -- Flyers general manager Ron Hextall doesn’t anticipate any long-term consequences for Anthony Stolarz following hip surgery at the age of 20.

The No. 1 goalie prospect in the organization, who is expected to start for the Phantoms this season, had his left hip “cleaned out” last month and will not practice in this development camp.

Stolarz is expected to be fully healthy for this fall's training camp.

“It happened over time -- typical goalie and he had a clean-up,” Hextall said Friday. “To my knowledge that is pretty much it. There is no red flag.

“If you look at every goalie’s hips, you could probably do them all. The kid in the draft this year and last year had it at 17-18. …

“This is long-term and no issues, no recurrence. He’s no worse off than … there’s no red flag that goes up because a goaltender has surgery when he is a young guy. I wish I had it done at [age] 24 and I had it a few years ago. I had these issues when I was young.”

Hextall said the other side is that if Stolarz did not have the surgery, a goalie tends to “lock up” in the hip.

He said while Stolarz's summer training regime may be affected, nothing else will.

Stolarz was not permitted to talk about his injury. He said he was disappointed at not being able to work with goalie coach Jeff Reese this week.

“There were some things I wanted to work on [in camp] with Reeser,” Stolarz said. “For me, watching and getting to know the guys and my future teammates, and just try to be around as much as possible.”

Hatcher gone
Hextall said Derian Hatcher’s contract with the club to work with young defensive prospects was not renewed. Hextall said the club left open the possibility of future work down the line.

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