Holmgren expects healthy returns for Grossmann, Meszaros

Holmgren expects healthy returns for Grossmann, Meszaros

April 29, 2013, 10:15 am
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Nicklas Grossmann, left, played 30 games this past season, while Andrej Meszaros played 11. (USA Today Images)

Had the Flyers qualified for the playoffs, Paul Holmgren expected that defenseman Nicklas Grossmann would have returned.
That would not have been the case with Andrej Meszaros, but the Flyers' general manager said in his closing remarks Sunday at break-up day that he expects both back next season.
Grossmann has a concussion, while Meszaros had a litany of injuries dating back to last summer, including shoulder surgery which ultimately felled him.

And while the GM painted an optimistic picture for Meszaros, you have to wonder about his long-range durability given the rash of serious injuries he has had in less than two years.
“Andrej is a big, strong guy,” Holmgren said. “He has had 18 months of bad luck ... the work they did on his shoulder will make it stronger. He’s a hard-working kid. I have no issues or worries.”
Meszaros’ mental frame of mind will bear watching next season. He genuinely believed he was playing under a dark cloud. Players who are fearful of being hurt on the ice after repeated injuries often expose themselves to injuries again.
“We all feel that way after all he has been through,” Holmgren said of the 27-year-old’s state of mind. “He just needs a summer. We do have lots of time -- four months before we get back to work.”
Grossmann and Marc-Andre Bourdon, who is still suffering from post-concussion syndrome, will both revisit a neurologist in Pittsburgh on May 6 for follow-up exams.
Bourdon’s return remains unknown. They both suffer from vestibular imbalance, which affects motion and balance and is related to movement, all of which are known reactions from repeated concussions. The same condition ended Chris Pronger’s career. 

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