Holmgren: Schenn, Wilson share blame for hit

Holmgren: Schenn, Wilson share blame for hit
December 18, 2013, 6:00 pm
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Flyers GM Paul Holmgren said both Tom Wilson and Brayden Schenn deserve a share of the blame for the hit that knocked Schenn out of Tuesday's game against the Capitals. (USA Today Images)

Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren said while he “didn’t like” Tom Wilson’s hit on Brayden Schenn, he won’t offer an opinion on whether it merits a suspension. 

Wilson reportedly has a phone hearing with Brendan Shanahan, the NHL’s Lord of Discipline, Thursday at noon.

What Holmgren did offer, however, was that the players -- and not necessarily the NHL -- have to take more responsibility for their actions on the ice, especially on hits from behind.

That said, Holmgren felt that Schenn placed himself in jeopardy by turning toward the boards before Wilson hit him.

“It looks bad,” Holmgren said. “Brayden maybe put himself in an awkward position in turning away. We’re thankful he is OK.”

Holmgren said the league has done “a good job” trying to curb such hits that send players violently head-first into the boards.

“A player who has the puck along the boards in that position, the onus falls on both the hitter and the guy who is going to get hit,” Holmgren said. “Player safety department, overall, does a good job. They look out for the health and welfare of the players.”

He said any player with the puck has to “be aware” that someone is going to check them.

“But the onus falls more on the guy coming to make the hit when the player is in an awkward position along the boards,” Holmgren said.

Schenn remains questionable for Thursday’s game against Columbus.

Holmgren said doctors examined Schenn in the dressing room and did not administer a concussion test based on their exam and how Schenn said he was feeling.

Lecavalier update
Holmgren was encouraged by Vinny Lecavalier’s skating and shooting pucks, but Lecavalier could still remain 2-3 weeks away from playing again.

“Each day the pain dissipates a little,” Holmgren said. He also said Lecavalier could return quicker if he feels up to it. The Flyers' center has a non-displaced fracture in his lower back and accompanying spams over the injured area. The original timeline for his recovery was 3-4 weeks. Four weeks would be through the final week of December into Jan. 4.