Many ex-Flyers again enjoying playoff success

Many ex-Flyers again enjoying playoff success
May 30, 2014, 11:15 am
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While Dan Carcillo won't be able to play in the Stanley Cup Final, if the Rangers win, that's just one more recent ex-Flyer who has been on a Cup-winning team. (USA Today Images)

Judging from the reaction on Twitter after the Rangers’ marvelous 1-0 shutout win on Thursday over Montreal that sees them return to the Stanley Cup Final 20 years after they last won the title, Flyers fans are in a Friday funk.

For me, the Rangers are much better defensively under Alain Vigneault. They do such a better job of limiting quality chances, pressuring the puck, and protecting goalie Henrik Lundqvist than they ever did under John Tortorella.

“They are a real good defensive hockey team,” Flyers coach Craig Berube said on Friday morning. “There’s not a lot of room out there when you play that team. You have to earn everything you get. They are real good without the puck.”

The one huge difference between the Rangers in comparing them to say, the Flyers, is that the Rangers don’t have as many letdowns in games. And when there is one, it doesn’t last a full period.

That 20-minute siesta the Flyers took so often this past season and brought right into the playoffs remains one of those unsolved mysteries that the organization needs to debunk before next season.

I think a matchup with the Los Angeles Kings would be far more interesting because the Kings seem relentless when down in a game or series. Their fortitude to come back is admirable.

Berube said that kind of mindset, however, comes when you’ve won a Cup. You don’t panic. You remember. You have that inner strength from having done it before.

“You know what it takes,” he said.

The Rangers’ Dan Carcillo could be suspended for the entire Cup Final, yet under league rules, he would still be eligible to have his name on the Cup for a second time.

Other ex-Flyers such as Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, who has been sensational in these playoffs, could both win their second Cups as Kings.

Justin Williams could hit the Triple Crown -- two with Los Angeles, one with Carolina.

Patrick Sharp, the guy the Flyers unceremoniously gave up on way back when, is poised to win three as a Blackhawk. Kris Versteeg, who was a Flyer long enough for me to down a cup of cappuccino, could win his second Cup with Chicago. Teammate Michal Handzus could win his second with Chicago, as well. 

In summary, ex-Flyers are poised to reap the riches here.

Here’s how some of you feel about it on Twitter:

@THEFlyersFan: "There will be a separate CUP section for ex-Flyers names. Thanks Homer for your expert trade efforts."

@TBFlyer: "No one cares about ex-Flyers winning the cup."

@MikaPwnr7: "So what you're saying, is that I should follow the next Flyer to jump ship & root for his next team, to witness a cup victory?"

@badabing075: "Carcillo has fans?"

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