Mason: Give Gerbe credit for 'nice move'

Mason: Give Gerbe credit for 'nice move'

Nathan Gerbe scores amazing between-the-legs goal

January 23, 2014, 11:00 am
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Nathan Gerbe scored to put the Hurricanes up 2-0 in Wednesday's 3-2 Flyers loss. (USA Today Images)

It was the kind of goal you would expect to see in a shootout, or at the skills competition during All-Star weekend.

What it wasn’t however, was a goal you would expect to see with a team protecting a 1-0 lead in the second period of a regular-season game.

Flyers defenseman Luke Schenn allowed the puck to slide between his legs at the point. Carolina’s 5-foot-5 snail darter Nathan Gerbe was all over it in a flash.

“He’s so quick, and what he can do with his hands, he’s an amazing player to watch,” said Carolina's assistant coach Rod Brind’Amour.

Gerbe flew down the ice, cut left to right, faked a backhand, then slipped the puck between his legs with a backhand flip past Flyers goalie Steve Mason.

It was the first time he had ever attempted the move in a real game with the Hurricanes.

“I was fortunate it went in, but it’s something I like to try in practice,” Gerbe said. “I just try to always work on skills and try different things, and that was the instance.”

Definitely highlight-reel material -- and the best goal against the Flyers this season.

"If you pull it off, you look pretty snazzy," Scott Hartnell said. "If you don’t, you look like a fool. But that was a big goal for them to go up 2-0."

Mason said it was a tough shot to contend with.

“It was just a skilled play. Give him credit, nice move,” Mason said. “Tough for the goalie, it changes the angle on every short shot, so ... nice move.”

It was unexpected?

“Yeah, you see it more in the shootouts, when the guys don’t really have any back pressure on them to get a move on quickly, and he had a patient play there, and give him credit.”

Gerbe had time because he was so far ahead of Schenn and everyone else.

“I just tried to come down and I wanted to show that maybe I was going to go backhand and just tried to pull it through my legs as quickly as I can and go far side,” Gerbe said.

Carolina went on to win the game, 3-2.

This loss marked the first time the Flyers have gone three games against Carolina without a win since the franchise moved from Hartford in 1997.

The last time it occurred involved a six-game losing streak against Hartford that spanned from Dec. 22, 1990, to April 14, 1992. 

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