Report: Watson's 1974 Stanley Cup ring stolen

Report: Watson's 1974 Stanley Cup ring stolen
July 10, 2013, 8:00 pm
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A diamond encrusted, 1974 Stanley Cup ring earned by former Flyers defenseman Joe Watson was stolen from Watson's daughter, according to a report by the Inquirer.

The ring, which was given to each players' wife following the 1974 championship, was burglarized from the Rittenhouse Square apartment of Heidi Watson, the former defenseman's daughter.

Heidi Watson's mother gave her daughter the ring as a gift for graduating college.

"All we want is the ring back," Heidi Watson told the newspaper. "It is priceless for us. The person who has it doesn't have a clue to the sentimental value of it."

A crowd favorite on the Flyers' blue line for 11 seasons, Joe Watson was a member of the original 1967 squad.

Joe Watson now works in the team's marketing department and resides in Delaware County.

Anyone with information about the ring is asked to call 215-686-3093, the number for Central Detectives. 

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