Tim's Twitter Q&A, Part II: Talking backup goalies

Tim's Twitter Q&A, Part II: Talking backup goalies
March 9, 2014, 1:00 pm
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Backup goalie Cal Heeter has never played in an NHL regular-season game. (USA Today Images)

The Flyers didn't make any blockbuster moves at the deadline this year. They got a tad younger on the back end of the blue line by adding Andrew MacDonald. In a response move, they also sent defenseman Andrej Meszaros to the Bruins.

They didn’t get a depth forward, which they really could have used -- someone of the caliber of Matt Moulson, who ended up in Minnesota instead. They also failed to add a backup goaltender, a role Cal Heeter will continue to fill until Ray Emery is healthy again -- which could come back to bite them if he's not.

Here's what you had to say this week on Twitter (see Part I here):

Q: I'm grateful (GM Paul) #Holmgren didn't make any stupid deals. I was worried when I heard (Martin) Brodeur mentioned.
-- Kenneth M. Shields (@K_M_Shields)

A: When Meszaros was moved to free up $4  million in cap space, I think some people wondered if Holmgren really would take a shot at Ryan Kesler. But from the get-go, it was a major bluff that the Flyers were in it at all. That said, if Ray Emery’s injury had been something the club felt was season-ending, they would have gone for Jaroslav Halak rather than risk an untested Cal Heeter down the stretch.

As much as I love Mason, I wanna see what Heeter can do. Mason can't start the rest of the games then go into the playoffs...
-- @DieHardFlyers27
A: Agreed. I was hoping the Flyers would play him against Toronto and save Steve Mason for the divisional game vs. New Jersey in case Emery is not ready. Emery is the designated starter against the Devils because he has such solid career numbers against them.
Q: The reason the Flyers' brass isn’t worried is because Emery still has 8-9 days to get healthy, minimum, before they need him.

A: Yes, he will get a lot of rest, but if the Flyers need an experienced NHL goalie down the stretch here as a backup, they don’t have one.

I really like how we didn't trade away any young players.
-- George Colucci (@antonia4422)
A: Exactly. And giving up young talent to get Ryan Kesler didn’t make sense for the Flyers.

Q: I liked the fact no youth was given up. I see Hextall’s influence of building from within. Matter of time until he is GM.
-- @djohnshaw
A: Lots of people think Ron Hextall will move to GM as early as this summer, but it depends on if Holmgren, who has one year left on his deal, wants out.

Q: Clearing cap space, no young talent given up -- solid. With the cap space expected for the offseason, I see a big move coming.
-- Kevin Trabocco (@KChew91)
A: Holmgren wants to make a bigger move this summer on defense, but it won’t be easy.

Regarding the Flyers allowing Claude Giroux and Wayne Simmonds to play a few minutes with the Harlem Globetrotters:

Q: I cannot believe the Flyers are actually going to let them play!
-- @Dam_repo
A: Completely agree. It’s dicey because Giroux is injury-prone off the ice here in Philly.