Tim's Twitter Q&A: Suspensions, Briere and more

Tim's Twitter Q&A: Suspensions, Briere and more

Flyers know emotions will be a factor vs. Caps

December 15, 2013, 10:00 am
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So Boston’s Shawn Thornton gets 15 games for blindsiding Pittsburgh’s Brooks Orpik, slew-footing him to the ice, then punching him twice in the head.
Orpik was knocked unconscious and is concussed.
Afterward, Thornton said he felt “sick” about what he had done.
How many times have we heard that? No one thinks anymore. They just blindly react.
The sucker-punch stuff going on around hockey now is sickening. Thornton’s lucky he didn’t get booted for the rest of the season’s schedule.
Problem is, there is no uniform system of justice from the NHL’s standpoint with the newest "Lord of Discipline," Brendan Shanahan.
Nor is there consistency on the ice in tossing players from the official’s standpoint.

Chris Stevenson (@CJ_Stevenson) chimes in on Twitter: “'This cannot be described as a hockey play that went bad,' said Sheriff Shanny. 'Nor do we consider this a spontaneous reaction.'”
I agree with Shanny but…
You can just as easily say the Penguins’ James Neal deserved at least as many games as Thornton for his “fly-by” kneeing to the head of the Bruins’ Brad Marchand in that same game.
And therein lies the age-old problem: There is no consistency in the NHL when it comes to punishment for head hunting. If Thornton got 15, why didn’t Neal?

Here's more from the Twitter mailbox:
Q: Geoff Rabinowitz (@hoffer21): Why does CSN not televise one of the greatest traditions ... the 3 stars?

A: Three Stars is sponsored by Toyota. Players collect points for every star they get. At the end of the season, the player with the most stars gets money donated to a charity of his choosing. No one in the NHL televises the three stars, which tells you there are no advertisers interested in doing it.
Q: Michael Kellar (@MikeAK21): Does [Danny] Briere still [live] in Philly?
A: Briere’s boys still live in South Jersey because their mother remains a resident there. Danny sees his kids when he can, and they visit him in Canada a few times during the season. He spent the night at home Wednesday when the Canadiens came to town (see story).
Q: Michael Follett (@MichaelJFollett): I don't remember the Flyers scoring even once during a five-minute PP this year. Have they?
A: Nope. And they have not converted any 5-on-3 power plays either.

Q: Anthony Lamenia (@_LAMENZA_): Is it fair to say that the #Flyers have to get another impact player this year to have a shot?
A: Right now, according to capgeek.com, the Flyers have about $2.3 million in available cap space. Thing is, the kind of impact player they are looking for -- a scoring forward or a No. 3 defenseman -- is going to cost them more than that amount.

Simple truth is, the Flyers should have made a play for Bobby Ryan last summer and didn’t. That would have solved a lot of their offensive woes.

It seems obvious, however, they are keeping their bucks until the trade deadline. The Flyers tried hard to move a defenseman in September and October and failed. That would have freed up money to make a splashy move. They’ve given up hope of doing anything major for the time being.