Tim's Twitter Q&A: Who could Flyers trade for Weber?

Tim's Twitter Q&A: Who could Flyers trade for Weber?
February 16, 2014, 9:00 am
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Shea Weber has 15 goals and 38 points in 56 games for Nashville this season. (USA Today Images)

Pretend for a minute it’s June.

You’re at this summer’s NHL draft, which happens to be in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center.

Having failed to win a Stanley Cup once again, Nashville has finally thrown in the towel and admitted it should never have matched the Flyers’ outrageous 14-year, $110 million offer sheer for Shea Weber in 2012.

The Preds are up against it with the $68 million signing bonus structure and will have to fork out another $13 million.

General manager David Poile has stocked up on D-men all season and is finally willing to part with Weber for the right price.

It will be high for the Flyers, ready to do whatever it takes.

Who would you trade for Weber right now? And … would you part with defensive prospect Samuel Morin, who more and more NHL scouts are saying has a bit of a young Chris Pronger in him and is going to be a monster No. 1 someday.

Personally, I think any skater on the Flyers' roster is trade bait other than Claude Giroux.

But Morin? No.

The Flyers need to retain him. Give up a couple first-round picks and/or Scott Laughton and more, but Morin must remain within the organization.

One more thing. Who will be making the call this summer? Will it be GM Paul Holmgren or will Ron Hextall be moved into that spot by then?

Here’s what you had to say this week on Twitter:

A: Couldn’t agree more. Actually, one scout from a club that won a Stanley Cup recently told me he thinks Morin will play on the Flyers' roster next fall. “They’ve taken chances on young guys before -- [Braydon] Schenn, [Sean] Couturier -- why not Morin?” he said.

A: Honestly, I think the Flyers would part with any skater but Giroux.

A: They may have to because their present defense isn’t good enough to go deep in the playoffs.

A: He’s the closest thing to Chris Pronger since Pronger himself.

A: Flyers tried last summer. Blues would not move him.

A: Maybe one. They won’t find an impact player on the blue line. Maybe an upgrade, but nothing significant. Those kind of deals no longer happen at the trade deadline.

A: Nashville is going to want a defenseman back. Which tells me the Preds will ask for Morin.

A: I really don’t want to see the Flyers give up on Morin.

A: Can’t strip the club totally bare like Russ Farwell did in the Lindros deal with Quebec.

A: Imagine how many minutes a night Weber would gobble up and how much better the Flyers' defense would be. You think Steve Mason and Ray Emery might lower their goals-against averages with Weber in front of them? I do.

A: Can’t give up on Morin. I have a feeling the Flyers' scouts will stick to their guns on that, but management can overrule.