Jim Jones ft. Maino's 'So Athletic (Michael Vick)' Jam

Jim Jones ft. Maino's 'So Athletic (Michael Vick)' Jam

Rapper Jim Jones (ft. a fellow named Maino) has a new tune out titled "So Athletic (Michael Vick)."

It is not a song you'll find on regular rotation on my iPod, however a mention of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick got my attention.

The hot new tune contains the chorus line (loosely transcribed):

We run and wait (or "running weight?). We at the track. We flippin' work. Just like an acrobat. We so athletic. Michael Vick. Now where my dogs. Michael Vick. Game time. We do arenas. Look at my chain. [something something]

Hip-hop centric website StupidDope.com describes the jam thusly:

This is some of that tough talk, make you clench your jaw, and ball your fist type music right here. The beat is packed full of deep bass 808’s and a flute line that takes this track towards the dark side.

The two NYC MC’s wordplay goes perfect over this hard beat. “Where my dogs at? Michael Vick” the Capo spits during the hook. It’s worth a listen.

I cannot say I fully agree, however, you may have entirely different taste.

After discussing the track with resident pop culture junkie Andrew Unterberger -- he of Pop Dust fame -- I learned something about modern day hip hop.

"I like how there's no explanation needed. Just the name said, and the rest is understood," I said.

"Well, that's actually an important lesson to learn about modern rap," Andrew explained. "They never explain anything. They just say the name of the person you're referencing and either you get it or you don't. Some internet folks refer to it has 'hashtag rap.'"

I cannot count myself among those who "get it," but at least I'm making an effort, right?

LISTEN: Jim Jones ft. Maino - "So Athletic (Michael Vick" [XXLMag]

Phillies manager Pete Mackanin: Adam Morgan is a definite bullpen candidate

Phillies manager Pete Mackanin: Adam Morgan is a definite bullpen candidate

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Just pitch.
Don’t worry about the role.
Just pitch.
That’s Adam Morgan’s mindset this spring.
“I’m just trying to show whoever needs to see it that I can be an asset to this team,” the left-hander said after his spring debut against the New York Yankees on Saturday (see story). “I’m just keeping it simple that way. I’m not trying to go out for that fifth (starting) spot. If the fifth spot opens up, I’d be more than willing to do that. If they want to put me in the bullpen, I’d be more than willing to do that. If they want me to be the backup catcher, I’ll be the backup catcher.”
The Phillies have plenty of candidates for backup catcher.
And the top five spots in their starting rotation, barring an unforeseen development, are accounted for.
But there is a way for Morgan to make this team.
“He’s definitely a bullpen candidate,” manager Pete Mackanin said.
Mackanin is on record as saying he’d like to have two lefties in what likely will be a seven-man bullpen. It might not work out that way, but that would be Mackanin’s preference.
Morgan is one of what appears to be four candidates along with Joely Rodriguez, Cesar Ramos and Sean Burnett. Ramos and Burnett are experienced major-league veterans in camp on minor-league contracts. Rodriguez is the only pure lefty reliever on the 40-man roster. Morgan, of course, is on the 40-man roster, but he’s mainly been a starter in his career.

There’s a long way to go in spring training and it would not be surprising to see general manager Matt Klentak add to the list of lefty relief candidates with some type of pickup before the end of camp.
But for now, it’s just these four.
Morgan, who turns 27 on Monday, started and pitched two scoreless innings against the Yankees on Saturday and will likely continue to have his innings stretched out throughout the Grapefruit League season, just in case he’s needed as a starter.

Ramos and Rodriguez both pitched an inning Saturday. Ramos allowed a hit and a run. Rodriguez had a clean inning. Burnett was tagged for two hits and two runs on Friday.
Morgan made 21 starts for the Phillies last season. He also made two relief appearances and finished the season with a 6.04 ERA. He was sent to Triple A in July and returned in mid-August. He made nine starts after returning and pitched at least six innings and gave up two or fewer earned runs in four of them.
During his time in Triple A, Morgan started throwing a two-seam fastball or sinker. He’s continued to throw it this spring and believes it will help him.
“I learned to trust the two-seamer last year and that’s what I hope to keep moving forward with,” he said.
Will it take him to the Phillies’ bullpen?
He hopes so. He got a taste of relieving last season and liked it.
“Oh, yeah, I loved it,” he said. “Every time the phone rang down there, I was on high alert. It was awesome. It’s a rush.
“But wherever I land, I land. I’d be willing to play anywhere on this team.”