Drexel beats Villanova in huuuuge upset

Drexel beats Villanova in huuuuge upset
December 4, 2013, 1:19 am
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If you're one of those people in the Philadelphia area who has to wake up really early in the morning -- like, before 10:00 am -- and have to sit in traffic while maneuvering an automobile while attempting to drink enough coffee as to not be a total zombie on your way to a fun day of work in that cubicle, then you're familiar with the Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR.

The radio show crew is over at Xfinity Live this week for their annual Camp Out for Hunger where they do tremendous work for the great Philabundance organization. Also, as the name suggests, some of those crazy dudes actually sleep in an RV for like a week.

One of the fun things they did to help promote the cause and encourage people to get involved this year was to get the coaches from all of the City 6 schools to come on down on Tuesday and compete in a Pop-a-Shot tournament.

The University of Pennsylvania's Jerome Allen was given the No. 1 seed because he played in the NBA which is clearly a mistake by the committee. You want the guy with minimal basketball experience who instead opted to spend his college days in a nice dingy bar.

And coaches, here's a tip from a professional blogger: bank shot. Always the bank shot.

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Villanova University's Jay Wright appeared to have a sweet stroke but much like his team in the big dance, they caved in the later rounds. It was the Drexel Dragons' Bruiser Flint who took home the trophy which just so happened to be a "bronzed" athletic supporter.

Let's hope it doesn't carry the same traditions as the cup they win in the NHL.

More info on the Camp Out for Hunger here.

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