Former Temple RB Matt Brown's Passport Expired, So Now He's in the NFL

Former Temple RB Matt Brown's Passport Expired, So Now He's in the NFL
May 30, 2013, 3:55 pm
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The secret to success — let your international travel documents expire.

It worked for Matt Brown.

Brown, a 5-foot-5 five running back and returner from Temple who left the program No. 2 all-time in all-purpose yards, agreed to a deal with the Saskatchewan Roughriders two weeks ago, but apparently never signed the contract. Now he's a member of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The hell?

The Inqy's Keith Pompey reported Wednesday night:

Brown was scheduled to fly to Saskatchewan on Tuesday to sign it. However, he was unable to board the plane in Baltimore due to an expired passport.

While Brown was in Philadelphia Wednesday morning to get his passport renewed, the Bucs contacted his agent to express interest. So he flew to Florida to sign a contract with Tampa Bay Wednesday night instead.

Hats off to members of the Tampa Bay media, who now have a quote whenever they need it. Matt can talk. And it's usually entertaining.

For example, this was once a kid who couldn't even get Division I attention until he told a teammate getting recruited by Temple to hook him up with the Owls because "they suck."

@cnmenta And he didn't even get one then. Had to come on as a walk-on before earning his scholarship. #TheBugIsABuc

— Kyle Gauss (@kylegauss) May 30, 2013

Good story.

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