Got Your NCAA Brackets Done? Check These Out.

Got Your NCAA Brackets Done? Check These Out.
March 15, 2012, 6:26 am
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Every year it seems there are a slew of outlets pushing their field of 64 into the fray, so many that we could probably have a field of 64 of fields of 64. But there are certainly some pretty amusing ones out there, and they can inspire some fun debates if nothing else. 
One that caught our attention this year is Philly Sports History's "Philly's Most Infuriating" Bracket. 

Usually, we try to find ourselves on the positive side of sports discussions, but even the best-intentioned Philly sports fan has some players and personalities they just flat out dislike. Johnny Goodtimes put together a bracket pitting those despised folks against one another to see which guys piss you off the most. Check out the intro post here, and follow the links to the brackets and voting/hating. 

What are your thoughts on those included and the seeding? Anyone overseeded? Notable snubs?
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