If You Dislike Pizza Hut, the Big Show, Bill Parcells or GPS, You're Rooting for La Salle Tonight

If You Dislike Pizza Hut, the Big Show, Bill Parcells or GPS, You're Rooting for La Salle Tonight
March 28, 2013, 8:33 am
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Chances are that you know very little about Wichita State and not the basketball team, the actual university.

Consequently, we've prepared a fact sheet based mostly off what we found on Wikipedia, the universities' websites, Forbes, and the National Center for Education Statistics.


Wichita State University:

Location: Wichita, Kansas
Founded: 1895
Student population: 14,909
In-state tuition: 6,155
Out-of-state tuition: 14,190
SAT average (on the old test): 920
Campus size: 330 acres
Endowment: 170.1 million

Fact from the WSU website: "WSU has the states most-diverse student body with students from around 110 countries," BUT, "around 86 percent are from Kansas and represent nearly every county in the state." County diversity in Middle America is taken very seriously.


La Salle University:

Location: 20th & Olney (approximately)
Founded: 1863
Student population: 7,554
Comprehensive cost of living on campus: 49,910
Middle 50 SAT range: 880-1090
Campus size: 130 acres
Endowment: 59.5 million


List of notable alums (non-athletes) Wichita State:
Gary Burrell Founder and CEO, Garmin
Dan and Frank Carney Co-founders, Pizza Hut
Jessica Hughbanks Big Brother 8, cast member
Paul Wight WWE's The Big Show
Bill Parcells


Lisa of notable alums (non-athletes) La Salle:
Judge Seamus McCaffery Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice, czar of Eagles Court
Larry Miller Former president of the Portland Trail Blazers and former president of the Jordan brand (Temple undergrad)
Matthew Quick Author of Silver Linings Playbook
John McShain Builder of the Pentagon, Jefferson Memorial and Kennedy Center
Ralph Garman Voice of assorted characters in Family Guy
Peter Boyle Actor (Young Frankenstein, father on Everybody Loves Raymond)
Gerard and Kate Hathaway Anne's parents
Tom Curley Former President and CEO of the AP
AJ Daulerio Former Editor-in-Chief, Gawker


Actual basketball stuff to follow later on...


No one really dislikes GPS but you can get riled up for one night
Wrestlers are athletes
The real Peter Boyle, not Phil Martelli

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