Relive UConn's Championship night through the eyes of Charlie Villanueva

Relive UConn's Championship night through the eyes of Charlie Villanueva
April 8, 2014, 7:45 am
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Our Friday columnist here at, known to you all as The Evster, has something of a man crush on former UConn Huskie Charlie Villanueva. This is well documented. See: 8 reasons why the Sixers should, no MUST, trade for Charlie Villanueva.

So with Kevin Ollie and the Huskies taking down Kentucky in an entertaining national championship game last night, many wondered: what could Charlie Villanueva be doing right now?

@Kunk7 just Villanuevaing prolly

— Evan TVMyWifeWatches (@TVMWW) April 8, 2014

Well, thanks to Instagram we can enjoy CV's night at the big game in Texas right along with him.

It all started on Sunday.

Where there is love, there is life. I'm living. #cvbelieve

Then he got to talk to Tiki Barber and Dan Marino on the radio:

Today he got some mean muggin' in with Andre Drummond.

Then he picked up his sweet seats:

All jittery before the game at the hotel:

Game ready. This is the Evster's favorite photo of the bunch.

This is where Charlie V. introduces himself as Charlie V.

Tough to fit four people in a selfie but helps if you have NBA-length long arms:

Shuttlesworth, everybody else, look over here!

The night ended with Charlie V. touching the Championship trophy and hanging with the man of the hour, Kevin Ollie:

It's never too late for Sam Hinkie and the Sixers to put a package together for big CV.

You're welcome, the Evster.

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