Temple's Anthony Lee Did Not Know Syracuse Was the No. 3 Team in the Country

Temple's Anthony Lee Did Not Know Syracuse Was the No. 3 Team in the Country
December 22, 2012, 1:27 pm
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NEW YORK -- It wasn't until about 30 minutes after Temple had upset No. 3 Syracuse at Madison Square Garden on Saturday that Anthony Lee fully realized what he and his teammates had done.

Lee knew he had set a new career high with 21 points. He knew how key his 11 of 14 makes from the foul line proved down the stretch. He just didn't know Syracuse was actually the third-ranked team in the nation.

“Oh, they were No. 3?” Lee asked, with his eyes wide and his face suddenly even more lit up. “No. 3? I thought they
were No. 10. That’s really good. I told somebody else they were No. 10.
That’s what I thought.”

Always an entertaining quote, Lee, who finished with nine rebounds and two blocks, also added: “I was playing like Dwight Howard today.”

Lee, like Howard, likes to wear compression sleeves on both his arms when he's on the floor, but the comparison is a little bit of a stretch.

After all, Lee is substantially better from the free-throw line.

"I was hot from the free-throw line. I'm a good free-throw percentage shooter," said Lee, who came into the game shooting 62.5 percent from the line. "When I've missed shots, it's been because I haven't been bending my knees.

"You know my dad called me the other night, and said I haven't been bending my knees.

"I just bend my knees and that's my shot. When I wasn't doing that, I wasn't as focused in the last game. But obviously now, with thousands and thousands of more fans, I was just able to block all that out and go through my routine and do what I had to do."

Just bend your knees, Dwight. Bend your knees.


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