Videos: Indiana's Victor Oladipo Could Do Something Like This to Temple

Videos: Indiana's Victor Oladipo Could Do Something Like This to Temple
March 23, 2013, 4:12 pm
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If you're comparing styles, you probably won't finder a stranger matchup in the 2013 NCAA Tournament than Khalif Wyatt vs. Victor Oladipo.

He's played just one game in the tournament and you've already heard every analyst across the quartet of networks refer to Wyatt's "old-man game." Just two weeks ago, Fran Dunphy held his index finger no more than an two inches from his thumb to evidence his guard's vertical leap. I've watched every viewable game of his college career and I'm still not sure I've ever seen him dunk the ball. Not that any of that matters, since Wyatt dropped more points in the second round (31) than any other player.

But you know who doesn't have an old-man game? This guy:

Oladipo is one of the best athletes in the tournament and will likely be the primary cover on Wyatt on Sunday. Down at the other end, you can expect to see Dunphy try to match Oladipo with Scootie Randall.

Upcoming NBA Lottery-pick Cody Zeller in the post is an entirely separate issue — one for which Temple does not really have an answer — but you've heard all year — most recently from N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried — that Wyatt can hang with anyone in any conference.

Tomorrow, he's headed up against No. 1 Indiana and the guy who set the college basketball world on fire with a alley-oop he didn't even convert:

They're absolutely nothing alike, and it should be great to watch:


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