Villanova Football Asked to Join Big East

Villanova Football Asked to Join Big East
September 10, 2010, 9:38 am
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A perrenial favorite to win the FCS national championship or a chance to play in the Big East and get those coveted games against some of the nation's best football programs? That appears to be the dilemma facing Villanova's football program which has been asked to join the Big East.

As a Philly sports fan with zero ties to any of the local schools, it would be great to have a football team in one of the big time conferences, even if the Big East isn't what it once was in the football space.

Our buddy Dan Levy thinks the move is a no brainer for Villanova but believes the Big East is picking the wrong Philadelphia team.

Any Nova alums or just regular old Philly sports fans feel strongly about the potential move?

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