Villanova Students Are Apparently an Obedient Bunch

Villanova Students Are Apparently an Obedient Bunch
March 7, 2013, 5:40 am
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The Villanova Wildcats knocked off the 5th ranked team in the nation last night in South Philadelphia. Kudos to Jay Wright's squad for the win over Georgetown that should help their chances of punching a ticket to the tourney in a few weeks.

But what we found interesting as we tuned in to the final few minutes -- which actually took about an hour with all of the fouling -- was that the Nova fans in attendance didn't make any attempt to storm the court.

Whether the win over the 5th ranked team warranted is another debate. I just wanted to see some excited fans acting like fools. That's what makes college hoops so fun.

Turns out, the PA announcer at the Wells Fargo Center requested that fans stay off the playing area, and when the game ended they actually listened.

College kids doing what they are told: not very entertaining.

The PA guy says Villanova would "request your cooperation in staying off the playing area." Can't you just say don't storm the court?

— Jonathan Tannenwald (@pretzel_logic) March 7, 2013

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