No. 13 La Salle Will Beat No. 4 Kansas State If... The Very Least (Really) You Need to Know

No. 13 La Salle Will Beat No. 4 Kansas State If... The Very Least (Really) You Need to Know

13 La Salle (22-9) vs. 4 Kansas St. (27-7)

Time: 3:10 PM ET
Channel: TruTV
Region: West
Place: Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

Kansas State's Double Advantage, Rest and Home Cooking... Not only are the K-State Wildcats well rested, having not played a game in over a week, they'll also have a quasi home court advantage today when they take on a La Salle team that's playing its second game in under 48 hours and also had to deal with the annoyance of a 1:00 am flight that had them arrive at their hotel around 4 in the morning. Coach John Gianni only had his players do a walk through yesterday to conserve their energy.

K-State's M.O.: Bruce Weber's squad switched to a four-guard offense in the middle of the season and it seems to have fit his team's personality well. From the AP:

Since ditching their two-post lineup, the Wildcats (27-7) have improved their their scoring, field-goal percentage, 3-point field-goal percentage and assist numbers, getting superb play from Spradling and fellow guards Rodney McGruder, Angel Rodriguez and Shane Southwell.

But that's not saying a ton. They still ranked 127th in points per game and 162nd in field goal percentage. They're more of a slow-you-down-and-make-you-play-our-way team, so La Salle will want to push the pace. The Wildcats have been very consistent this year. They beat the teams they're supposed to but also fail to beat teams favored over them. Check out this Roob Stat: K-State went 25-1 against teams outside the top-20.

Best hair… Tyrone Garland, obviously. Dude was a beast in La Salle's opening round win. Hope for more of that today.

The Explorers win if… It's the age old March recipe that gets Cinderalla dancing every time. The Explorers will need to tee off from three and shoot lights out like they did in their opening round victory over Boise State. Coach John Giannini has said all they need out of Ramon Galloway in order to win games is his typical performance. That, a little dribble and drive from Garland, plus Sam Mills and Tyreek Duren getting hot from deep and La Salle can keep the dream alive.

Let's go Philly.

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Mike Trout joins push in trying to lure LeBron James to Sixers

Mike Trout joins push in trying to lure LeBron James to Sixers

LeBron James to the Sixers. It would take a miracle, right?

Sure, but one MVP is in on the push for the four-time MVP landing in Philly.

Enter Mike Trout.

The Angels' star outfielder, a two-time AL MVP and native of Millville, New Jersey, took to Twitter on Thursday to make a quick pitch for the King. Trout, a well-known fan of Philadelphia sports teams, responded to a 94WIP tweet about reporter Howard Eskin shooting down the LeBron James chatter.

First, it was Ben Simmons tweeting James. That's really how all the buzz started and now the idea is taking on a mind of its own. Clearly, it's being talked about. And what Sixers fan wouldn't want a player like James putting "The Process" into hyperdrive?

And hey, once James comes to Philly, he can then return the favor: bringing Trout to the Phillies.

We can dream, right?