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Breaking down Sixers' NBA draft lottery odds, scenarios

Breaking down Sixers' NBA draft lottery odds, scenarios

The 2017 NBA draft lottery is upon us.

On Tuesday night, the Sixers will find out where and how many times they will select on June 22. They could have two first-round picks, depending on the ping-pong balls, and four second-round selections.

Let's explore the multiple scenarios the Sixers are facing when the results are revealed in New York City.

The Sixers finished with the fourth-worst record in the NBA (28-54), giving them an 11.9 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick on their own. 

They also have pick swap rights with the Kings (32-50), who have a 2.8 percent chance of getting the top pick. The Sixers gained those rights from the trade involving Nik Stauskas in 2015. 

Combine those two scenarios and the Sixers have a cumulative 14.7 percent chance of getting No. 1, 15.1 percent chance of No. 2 and 15.4 percent chance of No. 3. 

The Nets (20-62) have the highest chance of all teams at 25.0 percent. Their pick, however, conveys to the Celtics, stemming from the 2013 trade involving Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. 

The Kings' swap rights have value, but it's the potential of the Lakers' pick that Sixers fans have been eyeing for a while now. The Lakers had the third-worst record (26-56) this season and have a 15.6 percent chance to end up with the No. 1 pick. 

The pick in play was originally acquired in 2015 through the three-team Michael Carter-Williams trade. This year, it is top-three protected. If the Lakers end up with the fourth pick or below, it is heading to Philadelphia. The Sixers have a 53.1 percent chance to get the Lakers' 2017 pick, which becomes unprotected in 2018.

Should the Lakers' pick fall out of the top three, the Sixers have an 8.7 percent chance of having two picks in the top four, a 39.6 percent chance of two picks in the top five, a 52.3 percent chance of two picks in the top six, and a 53.1 percent chance of two picks in the top seven. 

If the Sixers get the No. 1 pick and the Lakers' pick remains top-three protected, it is a win for the Sixers (and perhaps the best-case scenario). They would have first dibs on an impact player and rights to the Lakers' unprotected pick next season. The possibility of guard Markelle Fultz and, barring a major turnaround in L.A., another lottery pick next season? That would be a successful draft. 

Things get interesting when two picks are involved. 

When it comes to multiple selections, the ideal situation for the Sixers would be the first (their own or the Kings) and fourth pick (the Lakers). They could address needs in both the frontcourt and on the wing with players such as Fultz, Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum and De'Aaron Fox. In selecting two top-five players, the Sixers could really begin to shape their future with these two picks and a foundation of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric already in place.

The biggest value of landing two picks, though, could be the trade value. The Sixers have more than enough young pieces to build upon. What they don't have is high-caliber, established talent. 

The Sixers could, as a hypothetical example, package the lower pick with Jahlil Okafor. They have remained open to trading Okafor this offseason and the inclusion of a pick could bolster the return. Instead of spending money in free agency, the Sixers could acquire a targeted, more veteran player through a trade that involves a pick. 

The same train of thought applies if the Sixers get two selections, say, later in the top five or six. Players like Malik Monk and Jonathan Isaac are deservedly lottery picks, but would the Sixers need both at this stage in their development? In order for the Sixers to take the next step, they have to add experience to their roster. In a situation like this, the Sixers could benefit from using one of two picks as a trade piece. 

How will the Sixers' results shake out? Embiid will be representing the team on stage when the order is announced, trusting the draft lottery process.

JJ Redick: Being anti-Trump 'is sort of like eating breakfast in the morning'

JJ Redick: Being anti-Trump 'is sort of like eating breakfast in the morning'

CAMDEN, N.J. — For a few of the Sixers players on media day Monday, sticking to sports was not an option.

To recap, first President Donald Trump during a rally Friday in Alabama called protesting NFL players "sons of bitches," saying the owners should "fire" any player that protests. Trump on Saturday then went to his familiar realm, tweeting he was uninviting Stephen Curry and the NBA-champion Warriors to the White House.

Of all the players speaking at Sixers media day Monday, the team's marquee free-agent signing, JJ Redick, had the most to say about the situation.

"I'm about as anti-Trump as you can get and I've been that way since the election," Redick said. "And he was just getting started. "

But he wasn't the only one to speak about the president's comments.

Here are the full quotes from media day.


To CSNPhilly's Amy Fadool and Marshall Harris on Trump's social media and tweets directed at Curry:
"It’s very interesting how [Trump] uses social media. I would say this weekend, it was almost surreal. As an NBA player, you’re kind of taking the big picture view and going, ‘what’s going on here?’ 

"Our active, sitting president is calling NFL players ‘sons of bitches’ and is going after Steph Curry and LeBron (James), who have done more for sports and culture and African-American communities than anyone; it’s surreal. I agree with what LeBron said; his use of the presidency and what it represents is not what it represented to me a year ago. It’s not what it represented to me with Barack Obama or George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. Those are the presidents that I knew as a young person and as an adult, and his presidency doesn’t represent that, the White House doesn’t represent that. So, of course, I agree with LeBron, I agree with what the Warriors are doing by not going to the White House. I don’t think any team should go to the White House; you’re actively saying, ‘I support this guy.’ 

"The other thing, too, is to speak out against Trump at this point is almost like eating breakfast. It’s what’s you should do — you should eat breakfast because it’s part of a daily, balanced diet. On the list of things that he’s done to offend me, his comments this week were like 87th. There’s more important things going on like North Korea and flood and disaster relief that we’re dealing with right now in Puerto Rico, Florida and Houston; those are the things that are important. So it’s mind-boggling that that’s what he’s spending his time on.”

On what he feels is his responsibility as an American and an NBA player:
“I think you should take an active role in your own education. No one is going to educate you — life will educate you, of course. But just take an active role in your education, that’s the biggest thing. The second biggest thing is just love other people, that’s all we’re supposed to do. Just be kind and love other people.”

To reporters on if he feels more responsibility as a white player to step up:
"I don't think it has anything to do with being white. I've certainly never been oppressed because of the color of my skin. I'm a human and can certainly relate to any emotion that humans have felt. I'm about as anti-Trump as you can get and I've been that way since the election. I think being anti-Trump at this point is sort of like eating breakfast in the morning. It's just something that you do during your day. I mean how often do you go through a day and not be offended by the guy?"

On if he would support his teammates protesting:
"In terms of doing something to protest, I think it's best that those things are done as a team. That's just me. But if guys want to do something, I'm all for it and of course, I would stand with anyone regardless of the color of their skin or their background or anything like that."

Jerryd Bayless

On Trump and on the NFL protests:
"I think what he's done in dividing us and his narrow-minded views are obviously not a good thing for the country. I think we all know and we've seen his comments from immigration to climate change to 'sons of bitches' to 'fine people' that are part of a rally [in Charlottesville] and what not. So I think what he's done is self-explanatory, but now is the time to kind of see how we're all going to come back from this and how we move forward. 

"The protests are great. I think everybody has the right to do whatever they want to do but now it's time to figure out as a whole — black, white, Mexican, Asian, whatever — how are we going to move forward? How are we going to come together so we can make him feel what he's doing is wrong? We can go back and forth about this. I don't know if this is really the appropriate time to do this but … it's disappointing. But hopefully from this everybody will be able to move forward and figure out the way to make him go a different direction."

Justin Anderson, a Virginia native and University of Virginia alumnus 

On the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, recent NFL protests and if the Sixers are planning a protest:
"Obviously the Charlottesville situation hit home. It was very relevant to me in my life. Fortunately, we just had a concert last night to help promote unity through music. It was something beautiful to see at our university. But as far as the protesting things that we've seen as of late, we've been talking through group texts, we've been sending the same messages and screenshots of things that have been said. Just continue to talk to each other about it. 

"Fortunately, we have about 10 days until we play our first game so far as what we're going to do to I guess physically try to show something or send a message, we haven't spoke about that yet and we have time and we'll figure it out. But I think we're all in agreement, on the same page. We're all in agreement in that locker room on the things that are going on. We're all working to do our part to help shed light in the right direction and that's to help build unity. To help lift up people in a time when people are being pushed down. We just want to make sure that we have each other's backs and I think that's something that's bringing us together even closer."

James-Michael McAdoo, who signed a two-way deal with the Sixers after spending the last three years in Golden State

On the situation involving the Warriors and the president:
"Obviously that's not something that we necessarily broadcast too loudly. But you can see it and hear those guy's sound bites out there on the West Coast. It's obviously something that needs to be addressed. I think my ex-teammates are doing a wonderful job in addressing that in the political climate being what it is right now. "

Sixers sign veterans Kris Humpries, Emeka Okafor

AP Images

Sixers sign veterans Kris Humpries, Emeka Okafor

Just about 24 hours before the start of the most anticipated training camp in years, the Sixers have brought two veterans into the fold.

The Sixers on Monday morning announced the signings of forward Kris Humphries and center Emeka Okafor.

Humphries, the 14th overall pick by Utah in 2004, is entering his 14th season in the league and the Sixers will be the ninth team he's played for after the Jazz, Raptors, Mavericks, Nets, Celtics, Wizards, Suns and Hawks. The University of Minnesota product and former Mr. Kim Kardashian's best season came in 2011-2012 in New Jersey, when he averaged 13.8 points and 11.0 boards a night.

Okafor was the second overall pick by the then expansion Charlotte Bobcats in the same 2004 NBA draft following a studded career at the University of Connecticut that included the 2004 national championship.

While he's averaged 12.3 points per game in his NBA career, he hasn't quite lived up to the billing that comes with being the No. 2 pick. In fact, after spending 2012-13 with the Wizards, Okafor hasn't played an NBA game since. That's because Okafor suffered a severe herniated disc in his neck that has required time and patience in recovery. Now feeling comfortable enough to play again, the 6-foot-10 Okafor, who's played for the Bobcats, New Orleans Hornets and Wizards in his career, is getting his next chance with the Sixers.

Okafor's best season was his rookie year in Charlotte when he averaged 15.1 points and 10.9 points per game.

Sixers training camp opens Tuesday while the annual media day takes place on Monday.

Sixers' complete training camp roster:

No. 00 Jacob Pullen
No. 0 Jerryd Bayless
No. 1 Justin Anderson
No. 7 Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot
No. 11 Nik Stauskas
No. 12 T.J. McConnell
No. 17 JJ Reddick
No. 20 Markelle Fultz
No. 23 James Blackmon, Jr.
No. 30 Furkan Korkmaz

No. 5 Amir Johnson
No. 9 Dario Saric
No. 14 James Michael McAdoo
No. 22 Richaun Holmes
No. 25 Ben Simmons
No. 33 Robert Covington
No. 43 Kris Humphries

No. 8 Jahlil Okafor
No. 21 Joel Embiid
No. 50 Emeka Okafor