Lots of 'old' talk in Phillies' quotes of the week

Lots of 'old' talk in Phillies' quotes of the week

February 16, 2013, 11:30 am
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The No. 1 storyline in Phillies' camp thus far has been, unsurprisingly, the team's advanced age. The Phillies will start an infield in which no player is under the age of 33 -- Ryan Howard being the youngest. But the team didn't want to hear any of that "old" talk, and they let it be known:

Ryan Howard:
“I don’t buy into the old thing. … It’s all about how young you feel inside and how well you take care of yourself. … I understand the window talk. Yeah, there is a window of opportunity, but if you focus on the window closing, then you never let that cool breeze come in. For us, the window closes when the window closes, but right now the window is still open, so we have to go out and take advantage of this nice breeze while we can.” (See story.)

And later in the week, he added this gem:

“If people want to look at a clock, and talk about this and talk about that, all we have to do it take it day by day and go out there. At the end of the season, hopefully we reign supreme, and we can bring that clock thing back up and you can tell me what time it is.” (See story.)

Charlie Manuel:
“When [Howard] feels like that, I like that really. ... I think they still have good years left in them. I don’t think the door is closing on those guys. If they’re healthy, they can perform like they have in the past.”

Chase Utley:
"We want to get back to that level, no doubt. I feel like we have the talent to do it. We're all a year older, but age is just a number. It's how you treat your body, how you take care of it."

And then Utley, good for one-liners that pack a punch, added this on his own personal health:

"I feel pretty damn good." (See story.)

Here are some of the other top quotes from the first week in Clearwater:

Domonic Brown, on his status as a top prospect:
“I think there are a lot of other teams that still want me. That’s the way it is in a big market. If you don’t perform, they get rid of you. I’m not gonna lie, I thought I’d be gone a long time ago for some of the guys they could have gotten for me.” (See story.)
Michael Young, retelling one of his first Philly experiences:
“She (a TSA screener at Philadelphia International) looks at me, and I thought she was going to call the cops on me. I was checking my pockets to make sure I don’t have a knife on me or anything. She asked if I was a Cowboys fan. … I said ‘yeah.’ She was pissed. She was not happy with that answer at all.”

And on becoming an everyday third baseman again:

“I’ve played it before. … I have experience playing third base. I’ve had a full season load there. I’ve played in the World Series [at] third base before. As far as re-acclimating myself, that’s nothing a little hard work can’t fix.” (See story.)

David Montgomery, on the importance of this season with so many guys in contract years:
“One of the reasons the situation is the way it is, is because we realize at some point here we are going to have to move forward and focus on tomorrow nucleus as opposed to just on today’s.” (See video.)

Kevin Frandsen, on if he was disappointed in the Phils for acquiring a new third baseman:
“Not at all, no, because you have Michael Young that comes in who’s been a seven-time all-star and it’s easy to be like, ‘Okay!’ because A, you want – I’m from the Bay Area, played for the Giants, and you see two of the last three years they win the title and those are your buddies, and I’m jealous of them. I want my rings. And if they’re gonna bring in Michael Young, that’s a great thing for the Phillies.” (See video.)

Mike Stutes, on missing almost all of last season:
“That’s something you wouldn’t wish on anyone. … It’s pretty frustrating sitting down here the whole summer and just watching the games every night on TV. After a while, it gets pretty tough. You want to be out there and you’re not able to be. It gets to you.” (See story.)
Carlos Ruiz, on being suspended 25 games for taking Adderall:
“Baseball has rules. … When you make a mistake, you have to pay. I pay my 25 games. Like I said, I apologize to my organization, my teammates, my family, my fans. I’m trying to put everything behind [me] and get ready for the season.” (See story.)

Delmon Young, on his health:
“The ankle is feeling good, but I’m not a doctor. … So when the doctor tells me I’m ready, I’ll be out there. I’m not going to put a timetable on it.” (See story.)

Roy Halladay, on his impending free agency:
“If I had my druthers I would be here until I’m done. As good as they’ve been to me, I think they realize I’d be as good to them as I could be. Going forward, I really don’t see myself playing anywhere else. And I don’t want to play anywhere else.” (See story.)