Shirts Off Weekend Awards

Shirts Off Weekend Awards

Best Projectile Vomit in a limousine: Will
Best craps teacher who doesn't really know anything about craps: Rob
Best Sweater: Kev
Award for the best surfer look without actually taking a surf board into the water: Testa
Award for being equated to the most characters in Not Another Teen Movie and/or fist pump of the year: Kenny
Most likely to give 23 random chics massages: Joe
Award for guy with a brother with the hottest girlfriend: Cos
Most likely to act like an angry loving mother and a 6 year old with bladder problems simultaneously while providing us with phenomenal accommodations: Wilson
Award for M.A.I.A. and biggest disappointment of the weekend: Kang
Surprise wardrobe malfunction: Nolan's lack of bandanna
Biggest disappointment in a sequel, "The Beaver on the Kitchen Floor II: Failure": Burnsie
Most knowledge of the Phillies besides myself: Perazio
Best bodily scar inflicted upon self: O'leary
Worst performance by a female besides Sara: The chic who didn't want to get in the limo.
Best performance in talking trash in a game of Beirut that never really seemed to take place: Greenberg
Award for taking the ball and slam dunking it like Andrew Toney over Bird in the '82 Eastern Conference Finals: Jimmy
Most predictable departure in the middle of a booze fest in order to consult a priest about blowing shit up: Yudt

You know, papers, business papers.

Fletcher Cox among Eagles not at OTAs; Doug Pederson updates position battles

Fletcher Cox among Eagles not at OTAs; Doug Pederson updates position battles

The Eagles had near-perfect attendance as they kicked off their Organized Team Activities (OTAs) on Tuesday morning, but there were a few notable absences.

Fletcher Cox, Jason Peters and Donnie Jones are not with the team.

"Obviously as you guys know too, it's a voluntary offseason program," head coach Doug Pederson said. "I've been in touch with all three of those guys, so we've communicated for the reasons for them not being here. But no worries with them going forward."

This is the second year in a row that Cox has missed the start of OTAs. Last year, he was waiting on his big contract, which came after the minicamp in June.

Cox, who signed a mega contract less than a year ago, send out an Instagram story on Monday in Philipsburg, Netherlands Antilles.

"The reason is satisfactory, but again it's a voluntary program," Pederson said. "I would love for everybody to be here. That's just me personally, I would love everybody to be here. But I know it's not always going to work out that way.

"Fletcher is one of the leaders on the football team and guys like that, you do expect to be here, but I get the rules, we abide by the rules and he's one of the guys too, at the end of the day, I'm gonna hang my hat on and go to war with."

As far as the guys who are with the Eagles this week, Pederson revealed some of the starters at positions in question (see OTA storylines).

Second-year guard Isaac Seumalo will begin OTAs as the team's starting left guard, taking Allen Barbre's place. Pederson did say Barbre is getting over a calf injury.

"This gives [Seumalo] an opportunity to work in there so we can get Allen," the head coach said. "Allen's a guy, as you guys know, one of those versatile offensive linemen who can play guard and tackle, so when we get Allen back we want to work him not just at guard but also at tackle."

Jason Kelce, who has been the center of plenty of rumors and whispers this offseason, is still going to take first-team reps at center, while Stefen Wisniewski and Seumalo will also get some reps at center.

And second-year player Jalen Mills and free agent pickup Patrick Robinson will start the camp running with the ones at corner (see players to watch at OTAs).

This first round of OTAs runs three days: May 23-25.

The Rockies Twitter account tweeted whole game in 'Rocky' quotes

The Rockies Twitter account tweeted whole game in 'Rocky' quotes

If you watched Monday night's Phillies loss at the hands of the Colorado Rockies, you probably weren't very entertained -- unless you're a Rockies fan.

But if you followed the game on Twitter and happen to follow the Rockies' account, you may have been slightly more entertained.


They tried something we haven't seen from an opposing team just yet. They tweeted throughout the game using only quotes from the Rocky movie franchise.

Now, you can debate how successful of a move this was but you have to at least give them some points for creativity. And it's not like this was a playoff game with high stakes. This was a relatively boring Monday night game in the middle of May.

You can read our recap of the Phillies' 8-1 loss right here. Or here's how the night transpired on Twitter: