Collins sees hope returning to Andrew Bynum

Collins sees hope returning to Andrew Bynum
January 18, 2013, 1:50 am
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Andrew Bynum was noticeable at Sixers practice on Thursday -- for more than his hair -- because he added movement to his shooting drills.
Bynum, after the Sixers practice concluded, shot for 10 to 15 minutes. Unlike earlier in the week, he was taking a couple steps into his jumpers.
Again, the progress was visible.
On Sunday, Bynum and Sixers head coach Doug Collins happened to be at the teams practice facility at the same time working out. The coach took the opportunity to share a thought he had for the sidelined center two months ago.
I said this is something I told our team Game 4 against Miami on Easter Sunday, Collins said of his first season with the Sixers. I said, Where there is hope there is faith and where there is faith there is life and when you have life, you can live it to the fullest.
On that Sunday, the Sixers were staring a sweep in the face on their home floor. That was until the Sixers had an incredible final 1:35 in which they outscored the Heat 10-0 to win 86-82 and extend the series.
Despite facing an uphill battle against the mighty Miami Heat that postseason, Collins squad still went into that game with hope. That belief turned into a thrilling win in Game 4 that the team ultimately benefited from in the long run.
What Collins saw in his young team at that time, he now sees in the recovering Bynum.
All you want is a chance, you want hope, Collins said of what he expressed to Bynum. You are starting to get hope again. I am sure there are nights where you lie awake in bed and that hope has turned into despair saying, What is happening with my career? Am I going to be able to do it again? Are my legs going to get healthy? That 100 million I was looking at in the bank, where is this all now?
I want you to have this now because I sense in you are starting to have hope again. Once you have hope, good things can happen and with hope also comes a real humility how quickly it can be lost.
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