Give and Go: Can Sixers cure turnover troubles?

Give and Go: Can Sixers cure turnover troubles?

Highlights: Sixers ripped by Johnson, Nets

December 17, 2013, 11:00 am
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The Sixers lead the NBA in turnovers per game with a 17.9 average. (AP)

Each week, we'll ask questions about the Sixers to our resident basketball analysts and see what they have to say.
Running the Give and Go this week are columnist John Gonzalez, producer/reporter Matt Haughton and CSN anchor Amy Fadool.

Will the Sixers fix their turnover problems?
Part of their turnover problems -- they average 17.9 per game, most in the NBA -- is owed to the personnel, and part of it is because of the style of play. If you play fast, you have more possessions, which increases the chances of turnovers. The players could take better care of the ball and reduce some of the nightly turnovers, but unless they get better players and adopt a different (slower) style, it's unlikely that the per game number will drop significantly.
It’s not likely based on their style of play. Brown’s high-octane scheme lends itself to plenty of mistakes. With the Sixers leading the NBA in possessions per 48 minutes, there simply isn’t the type of typical emphasis placed on ball security. Add in the fact that the Sixers’ primary ball-handler is still sidelined because of injury (see story), and it doesn’t appear the team’s problem with giveaways will be corrected anytime soon.
The simple reason the Sixers lost to the Timberwolves last week after having a 19-point lead? Turnovers. There were 26 turnovers for the Sixers that night, which led to 27 points for the T-wolves. That game was just a bigger example of the problem the Sixers have had with giveaways this season. You can’t really blame youth on the turnovers, which is the natural inclination. Michael Carter-Williams has missed seven straight games, so it’s not like he’s in the game making the mistakes. I think it probably points to the Sixers' pace of play. Brown likes for his team to get up and down the court, and when you are trying to push the tempo, carelessness is going to happen. With that being said, I feel like they can correct the turnovers just by getting more comfortable with Brown's required style of play.