Pain-free Bynum shoots, is 'getting ready to play'

Pain-free Bynum shoots, is 'getting ready to play'
January 14, 2013, 8:13 pm
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There is not a movement Andrew Bynum makes publicly that people dont hang on, whether it is going bowling, shooting pop-o-shot, walking fast-paced on the treadmill or as he was Monday afternoon, doing standstill shooting at the Sixers' practice facility with coaches and members of the front office and training staff all watching.

Coming along well, Bynum said with sweat on his brow. "I am up to running now on the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill at a steady eight mile an hour clip for 20 minutes, so thats good. Incorporating weights ... its time to get ready, getting ready to play.

Yes, the all-star center used the words getting ready to play.

The Sixers have played 38 games without him and are 16-22, four games back of Milwaukee and Boston, which are tied for the final two playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

Bynum last Monday said he was walking fast-paced on the treadmill and lifting only his own body weight. That he has added to the degree of difficulty in both areas and taken to the court, albeit by himself, is encouraging news.

Add to that he is pain-free in both knees and one understands the smile Bynum was wearing after his shooting was over.

I just came out today and said I have to get some shots up. It is part of the stage, Bynum explained. So I just get a sweat before I get on the court and then come out here and work on touch, shoot over 80 percent because nobody is guarding me.

Bynum appeared to come close to his target number shooting hook shots, free throws, a few corner threes for good measure.

At the completion of his session, Bynum was headed to the training room, where he is glad to now just be one of the guys.

Right now we worked all the way down to just ice, Bynum said of his post-workout treatment. I am a regular basketball player again with just ice.

I feel much better, he continued. I wake up today and mentally I am ready to go and I can work out and that is good, versus the alternative of sitting around all day and sort of waiting. The waiting is over so the emotion is good.

Bynum cautions that he currently runs on the treadmill, not the court. He reminds that he was shooting alone and with no movement. Both are necessities in his rehab process before he ever practices with his teammates.

I have not sprinted and stopped, the seven-footer explained. Acceleration and deceleration, I am still working up to that. The pain is minimal in both knees, it is not hurting is what I am saying. They (the signs) are the best that I have had in a really, really long time so they look really good to me.

We are progressing because I am not feeling anything. I dont get a click, I dont get any pain. I am still running on that treadmill and it is taking weight off. First step would be putting that weight back on.

Progress is great. Pain-free is what everyone wants to hear but ultimately, Bynum can share only one piece of news that can change the feeling of mediocrity currently surrounding the Sixers a date he will wear his No. 33 Sixers jersey for an opening tip.

I dont ideally have a date, I just want to get back, Bynum said, trying to avoid the pitfall of saying one thing and coming up short, as has too often happened since he came to the East coast.

I am hoping around the All-Star break, that is what I am hoping, but I have no idea exactly when I will be back.

The Sixers will play 13 games between now and the All-Star break, and 31 games will remain on the schedule when the break concludes.

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