Gold Cup Semifinals: US v. Panama

Gold Cup Semifinals: US v. Panama

After a rocky start to the Gold Cup the US finds itself exactly where everyone assumed they'd be - in the semifinals of a tournament they were favored to win.

Tonight they face Panama, the team that handed the US its first Gold Cup group stage loss in the history of the twenty year old tournament (7PM/Fox Soccer/Galavision). The 2-1 loss to Panama seems to have been a wake-up call to the US, who have not conceded a goal since the first half of the Panama game.

Bob Bradley released his lineup for tonight and it looks like this:

Howard; Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra, Lichaj; Bradley, Jones; Bedoya, Kljestan, Dempsey;Agudelo

You'll notice that once again Landon Donovan, the all-time leading scorer in USMNT history, starts the game on the bench.

I suppose it's a encouraging commentary on the state of the US program when they can start back to back knockout stage games with their best player on the bench. Granted, he sat against Jamaica because he did not return to D.C. until 7AM on Saturday (he flew to California and back in order to attend his sister's wedding).

Tonight? Well, tonight it appears to simply be a tactical decision by Bob Bradley.

I kind of like the idea of bringing Donovan in off of the bench. He'll bring fresh legs, an attacking mentality, and the wherewithal to help kill off a game in the event the US leads.

Make no mistake about it though - for a coach as conservative as Bradley not starting Donovan is a major story. Essentially he's banking on Bedoya and Kljestan to repeat their outstanding performances from the Jamaica game.

Win this evening and the US advances to the Rose Bowl for Saturday's Gold Cup Final against the winner of Mexico/Honduras.

Jimmy Fallon gives out superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players

Jimmy Fallon gives out superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the Tonight Show, handed out his superlatives to Eagles and Cowboys players. 

Linebacker Jordan Hicks was named “the most likely to be one of the Rugrats all grown up,” and safety Rodney McLeod was named “most likely to have been told he’d get a lollipop after the photo was taken.”

Unfortunately, their was not a superlative given to Tony Romo for being named mostly likely to be crying on the ground after getting sacked. 

The Cowboys and Eagles will face off on Sunday Night Football, where we will see the first battle between rookie quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz. 

Check out the video for yourself here.

Phillies fans woke up Rays' players during 2008 World Series

Phillies fans woke up Rays' players during 2008 World Series

The lore of Philly sports fans continue to grow. 

And this time, nothing was thrown.

Current Cubs and former Rays manager Joe Maddon said that during the 2008 World Series, Phillies fans found the hotel his team was staying at, and honked car horns throughout the night, keeping the team up.

"The Philly fans, they knew we were there somehow," Maddon told reporters Wednesday. "Five o’clock in the morning they’re driving around the hotel blowing the horn, trying to wake everybody up at 5:00 in the morning, 6:00 in the morning…."

Maddon says the team had already checked out of their original hotel before Game 5, but because the game was suspended, the Rays had to book another hotel in the area.

Through some impressive detective work, fans found the team's hotel and did their best to wake up the Rays throughout the early morning.

Did it work?

It must have, because the Rays allowed a leadoff double to Geoff Jenkins (remember that guy?) to resume the game.

You have to be pretty exhausted to allow a hit to that guy.