Here's the play that really screwed the Union on Saturday night

Here's the play that really screwed the Union on Saturday night
September 16, 2013, 4:05 pm
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I spent a lot of time at sporting events over the weekend and no other play left me scratching my head more than the goal from the Philadelphia Union that was later whistled away. But what happened on Keon Daniel's free kick that landed in the back of the net but was never counted as a goal? How can they call offsides when nobody else touched the ball? Was it even an offsides call? What was the call? So many questions. contributor Ryan Bright attempted to explain the explanation over the weekend:

“I think he said I was offsides, then he said I was obstructing the goalie,” Okugo said. “He has to make a decision. If it’s offsides, it’s offsides. If it’s obstruction, it’s obstruction. Keon played a great ball and the goalkeeper misread it. I was the closest guy to him.”

Kadlecik worked to explain the play in detail.

“When the ball was played, the Union player was judged to be offsides, so therefore he was penalized for being offsides on that play,” Kadlecik said. “The offsides player interfered with the keeper. It didn’t matter if it was physical or not. If they're offsides, they are interfering with play.”

Got that? No? Yeah, me neither.

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