Play For Brad: A FIFA Tourney at PPL Park's Stadium Club

Play For Brad: A FIFA Tourney at PPL Park's Stadium Club
April 28, 2012, 6:32 am
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Are you a FIFA12 player? A Union fan? If you're like me and count yourself as both, I highly recommend checking out the event the Sons of Ben have put together at PPL Park's Stadium Club on Friday, May 4th. 

While this event may be an amazingly good idea on its own, it's also for a good cause. The Sons of Ben have been strong in their philanthropic and charitable efforts since their inception, and one of the most generous among them is deserving of some good karma in return for his efforts over the years. 
Brad Youtz lost his house to a fire recently, and while his family is all okay, you can imagine how difficult that would be. This event will benefit Brad's family, with a modest $35 entry fee that includes food for the night, plus $10 if you want to play in the 32-slot tournament. There are also some raffle items and a cash bar. 
Even if you're not into playing FIFA, this will be a fun event. 

Some Union players may be stopping by, and the Stadium Club is a great place to have a few drinks. I'll probably be having a few there tonight, and I hope to be at Play For Brad as well. I have a business trip, but I'm aiming to come back early enough to make it. 

If you don't know Brad, I can tell you he's really a great guy and a longtime supporter of The700Level. He was encouraging of our efforts to make this a five-sport blog, and a friend to me personally. 
Hope you can make it out on Friday night. 
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