The Hipster Soccer Rivalry

The Hipster Soccer Rivalry
May 13, 2011, 9:52 am
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This whole story is hilarious. From the cliche-laden lede about Seattle to the quotes about Timbers and Sounders' fans arguing about who has better beer as it somehow relates to MLS Soccer, it's jut an article full of laughs.

There won't be much bro noodling at the match between Portland and Seattle, that's for sure.

Portland fans "think they're punk-rock, underground, hard-core
superstars," said Jeff James, a 24-year-old software engineer singing
heartily in the raucous Emerald City Supporters' section. "They think
they're like, hipsters," said James, clad in skinny jeans, a plaid
shirt, shades and K-Swiss sneakers. 'And they think Seattle's like a
corporate town."



Portlanders also accuse Seattle residents of being soccer fans just for
the scarves—thousands of which Sounders marketers distributed for free
before their first game in 2009. "They're sellouts, man. They're like,
'Maybe I'll just wear this scarf and drink a lot of beer and go to this
stupid soccer game," said Timbers fan Maggie McCombs, 24-year-old
Portland waitress with a pierced lip who says she should know because
her brother lives in Seattle. "That's what I hear his friends say."

Love those scarves.

>>The Great Hipster Soccer Showdown [WSJ]

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