10,001... 10,002... It Just Never Ends

10,001... 10,002... It Just Never Ends
July 17, 2007, 5:31 am
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Last night, the Phillies continued down the road to securing their spot as the world's biggest loser.  (Sid tried to tell me the Washington Generals are really bigger losers, but to me, that's like saying Bugs Bunny's cartoon team is worse than the Phillies.  Sid, they're not real.  There is no Tooth Fairy)

Anyway, we tried to avoid the 10,000 loss thing as much as possible and make light of it for the most part.  I mean, we had to at least acknowledge it a little bit.  Perhaps my favorite headline from yesterday was Philebrity's Onionesque take, "Area Readers Celebrate The Death Of The Phils 10,000 Losses Story."

There’s no nice way to take these things: If the Phillies had suffered/earned/deserved their 10,000th loss yesterday on the road, for instance, we would have spared an entire 4-generation party pack the indignity and trauma of witnessing such a feat. Because there’s no denying — this is going to have an effect on us, as a people, for years and in ways which we cannot yet fathom. But on the other hand, did we need to see it? So that we can move on? We cannot say. We worry about the children a little. But you don’t choose fate, Philadelphia, fate (and sometimes, apparently, sucking) chooses you.

>>Area Readers Celebrate The Death Of The Phils 10,000 Losses Story [Philebrity]

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