A New Spin on Old Technology for Fans at the US Open

A New Spin on Old Technology for Fans at the US Open
June 13, 2013, 10:21 pm
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When you go to the US Open, you get an incredible amount of access and proximity to the players and the playing ground. Heck, my father fist-bumped Phil Mickelson today.

The trade off is that it's easy to go into information withdrawal. Cell phones and other gadgets aren't permitted on the course, so you can't mindlessly thumb through Twitter between groups. And since the course is spread out over thousands of yards, it is impossible to know what is happening on other holes. What was that roar? Did Tiger birdie?

To fill the void, thousands of spectators jumped on a smart little bit of marketing by American Express: free ear-level radios.

The radios stream play-by-play and analysis of the marquee groups and events on the course, providing context to what you're seeing in front of you.

Sure, I'd rather have my smartphone and tablet, but these little radios make for a nice pinch-hitter.

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