A Gloomy Start with a Dash of Hope

A Gloomy Start with a Dash of Hope
April 3, 2006, 6:16 pm
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It was a nasty day in South Philadelphia with a cold rain and a hot St. Louis team putting a damper on opening day festivities for 44,000 Phillie faithful.

The Phillies dug themselves an early hole and found themselves down 10-0 in the 4th.  It was a hard day to pay intricate attention to the game on the field, but the scoreboard and the weather dictated the mood of the entire stadium.

Jimmy Rollins came up in the bottom of the eighth with 2 outs, his hitting streak on the line.  3 straight pitches way out of the strike zone brought boos from those still toughing out the wet cold rain in hopes of seeing J-Roll extend his chances of putting his name on the level of the all time greats.  Jimmy ripped the 3-0 pitch down the line and Citizens Bank Park became jubilant, at least for a few minutes.

Jimmy's base hit, along with blasts from Howard and Burrell, were lone moments of excitement for a soggy bunch of baseball fans.

The good news: the Phillies have 161 left to get on the right track and Jimmy still has a chance at history.

Also, Albert Pujols is a beast.  BEAST.

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