A Quick Point on The FeeleyMcNabb Double Standard

A Quick Point on The FeeleyMcNabb Double Standard
January 27, 2007, 1:33 am
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There is a double standard in Philadelphia.  I don't think it's caused by one singular thing but rather a combination of a whole lot of things.  If Donovan McNabb went out on Sunday night against the Patriots and put up the same exact game that A.J. Feeley put up, Philadelphia would be calling him a choker who can't win under pressure.  Feeley on the other hand is looked at as a savior for keeping the Birds close.  Does McNabb's paycheck come into play?  Sure.  Does McNabb's inability to know when to say the right thing and/or keep his mouth shut come into play?  Absolutely.  Does the fact that Feeley steps in and right away gets the offense going come into play?  No doubt.  Is race a factor?  I kind of think it is.

It's a combination of actions pieced together over the last 8 or so years coupled with a tiny bit of hate inside some of those nasty callers to sports talk radio shows in Philadelphia.  It's sad, but it's there.

A lot of people in this town don't like Donovan McNabb, for whatever reason.  Personally, I've always liked the guy and thought he deserved to be treated with a little more respect.  I also think his time here is running thinner than ever.  Andy Reid still shows number five that kind of respect... for now.  His time is running thin.

Check out this quote from Andy on Monday.

"Donovan’s had so many great games for us. You talk about one of the
greatest quarterbacks in this team’s history and will go down as one of
the greats in the N.F.L. Again, you start doing this. I don’t want to
take anything away from what A. J.’s done, on the other hand, but I
don’t want to slight Donovan’s accomplishments, either. He’s a heck of
a quarterback.”

Donovan's time isn't up just yet.  I'd love more than anything else to see this team win out with five under center.  But if for whatever reason, McNabb ends up on the sidelines, I'm alright with that too.

>>Feeley Sparks Eagles and (for Fans) a Debate [NYTimes]

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