A Sobering Look at the Eagles Off-Season

A Sobering Look at the Eagles Off-Season
January 21, 2007, 6:42 am
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Mark Eckel of the Trenton Times put together a great column today on the possible “comings and goings” the Eagles may see before next season, and if he's right, we could be looking at a very different team in 2007. Eckel breaks it down by position, naming the most likely departures and the reasoning behind the Birds not opening the checkbook for them. From the sounds of it, the defense will lose a few starters, but also several of the key backups who stepped in when needed this year, including Rod Hood, who may head to Dallas or the Giants.

Notable among Eckel’s points is that Jeff Garcia Mania may likely continue for another season, with the seasoned vet serving as a great option to start if Donovan McNabb can’t get back on the field as soon as we’d hope. I like Eckel's somewhat bold suggestion that the Eagles release Darren Howard in favor of Juqua Thomas, who will get a big raise from someone this season. The much-younger Thomas absolutely outplayed the disappointing big signing Howard, so I’d like to see him back as a starter next season. It will be sad to see Trot go, but it’s probably time.

The possibility of losing Donté Stallworth to free agency is scary, as it’s clear this offense thrives with a speedy downfield receiver. The Eagles really need to keep this season’s impressive WR corps intact.

As is often the case this time of year, it’s definitely time for some housecleaning. I hope the organization can find the right replacements via free agency and especially the draft, while rewarding the players who put this team in the playoffs in ‘06.

Which possible departures do you think the Eagles need to retain?

And, which should absolutely be handed a bus ticket?

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