A View From The 700 Level

A View From The 700 Level
January 28, 2007, 12:56 pm
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To start your week off right, we bring you a couple clips from the 700 level of Veterans stadium.  This first one has some NSFW language but will surely bring back memories of the former home of our Phillies and Eagles.  The two videos after the jump will surely make you nostalgic for the old Vet.

Final 7th inning stretch at the Vet

And this video titled "The Brotherly Usher" has some some quality video of an usher at the Vet showing his unique dancing skills.  Beware the horrible editing. Embedding was disabled for this video.

Leaving the Vet for the last time.

And finally, the end of the Vet, complete with Mayor Street's butchering of a countdown from the number 5.

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