A Year Ago This Week

A Year Ago This Week
January 7, 2006, 4:54 am
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It was a year ago this week that Andy Reid sent T.O. packing for good.  We had news of the fight between Owens and High Douglas and wrote our Owens obituary titled "We'll Always Have Dallas:"

Then it all came crashing down.  Enter Drew Rosenhaus.   ESPN
interview after ESPN interview.  Owens attacking his former best pal
Donovan.  Dirt, lies, backstabbing.  Terrell Owens personality killed
the hopes of millions.  In the end, T.O. had to be T.O.  It was as
simple as that.  No matter how hard Andy Reid thought he could get
Owens to conform to his ideals, T.O. had to be T.O.

A T.O. divided against himself cannot stand.  At least we'll always have Dallas.

It seems like ages since Owens was a part of the Eagles organization.  With the Eagles 4-4 going into the Redskins game, not a whole lot seems to have changed.

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