Aaron Rowand Selling Philly Home

Aaron Rowand Selling Philly Home
February 11, 2007, 6:57 am
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The Daily News' Dan Gross has the story that Aaron Rowand has put his Delco home on the market all but assuring the centerfielder's departure from the Phillies.  It's a reality Phillies fans didn't want to admit.  We wanted Gillick and company to buck up and bring back the All Star.  Now, with Rowand writing farewell letters to his beloved outfield wall at CBP and the Bourn Identity doing covert work in Texas, the outfield situation in Philly is going to a big downgrade in '08.

Bugs and Cranks has some pictures of the rather generic looking Toll Brothers-esque mansion that Rowand has listed for sale.  Except for the bar of course, which looks rather fantastic.

Update: Matt informs me that Schilling put his Boston house on the market before re-signing with the BoSox.  So perhaps it is all a ploy that their agents tell them to go through in order to get a bigger offer from the hometown squad?

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