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About Us
July 31, 2007, 12:12 pm
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**Read about our profile in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.**

The 700 Level is a Philadelphia-based sports website.  It's for those who love their Philly sports but don't take things too seriously.  We're here to have some fun and hopefully you are as well.

Enrico started the site way back in 2003 and ran it all by his lonesome for almost three years.  That's when Matt P. came onboard to provide his Flyers insight and grammar support to go along with his mastery knowledge of all things WHIP.

The Authors

Matt P

That's Enrico and Matt on opening day 2007.

Past Guest Contributors (If you'd like to be a guest poster, give us a shout and let us know what you'd like to say)

Miss Gossip
Will Leitch
Greg Johnson

Brad Maule
Jason Weitzel
Jamie Mottram



Dudes I know-

 The Name
According to wikipedia:

The 700 Level referred to the cheap seats in the upper deck of Veterans
Stadium in Philadelphia. Usually the most rowdy fans were there,
especially at Philadelphia Eagles games and to a lesser extent
Philadelphia Phillies games. In his book, If Football's a Religion, Why
Don't We Have a Prayer?, Jere Longman described the 700 Level as having
a reputation for "hostile taunting, fighting, public urination and
general strangeness." Due to an improvement in facilities, an increase
in security, and a lower tolerance for fan misbehavior, there is no
equivalent in either Lincoln Financial Field or Citizens Bank Park. The
name has also been the inspiration for websites relating to
Philadelphia sports, as well as a weekly "Letters to the Editor"
section in the Sunday Sports pages of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Many Philly fans still talk about the "700 Level", but this refers to a state of mind rather than an actual physical place."

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