Adidas 5IVE All Star

Adidas 5IVE All Star
February 8, 2007, 5:23 am
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Now that Super Bowl ads go straight to YouTube it only seems right sneaker companies upload their own videos to the site before most people have seen them on television.

Adidas has an interesting thing going, an ad of sorts, where they sent 20 NBA ballers to a rooftop in Vegas to play some ball.  Not much else to it.  And what's up with sneaker ads taking place in such random locales?  Adidas has guys running the rock on top of a hotel in Vegas and Nike has the world's best players running game in an airport hanger.  Whatever happened to the playground?

I love the idea of content owners uploading their own videos to YouTube.  Who really needs a TV anymore anyway?

Adidas' YouTube page has about 14 more videos.

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