Aging, Overpaid, & Unhappy

Aging, Overpaid, & Unhappy
January 17, 2006, 4:02 am
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It didn't take long for Chris Webber to change his tune.  A week ago he was all about putting the team first.  This morning's Sacramento Bee says Webber is unhappy and wants to be put in a situation where he can play more ball.  For those not paying attention to the Sixers, CWebb sat the entire fourth quarter of the Sixers victory over Seattle on Wednesday night.

By late Wednesday night, Chris Webber was sitting nearly alone at
the far end of the visitor's locker room in Seattle, speaking in hushed
tones the way he often does, even when the words can startle.

"I don't like this role," he said. "So, you can take that however you want."

Webber doesn't like being a second-half bit player for the Philadelphia 76ers. So, he will force a resolution.

Play him as Chris Webber or trade him.

"I'm not going to keep playing like this," he said.

If Chris Webber used to have the power to force a GM to move him, he certainly doesn't have it any longer.  His contract is gargantuan.  The Inquirer this morning noted that if any team were to deal for him it would be only to get his contract off the books, exactly what the Sixers should be waiting to do.

Nothing like an unhappy baller making $20 million a year.

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