A.J. Feeley Entertains, Teases, Falls Short

A.J. Feeley Entertains, Teases, Falls Short
January 26, 2007, 12:55 am
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Were you not entertained?  We all thought our Sunday night would be a test of how much pain we could endure as Eagles fans.  Instead, the Eagles came out and punched the undefeated Patriots in the face.  Unfortunately, the Patriots punched back just a little bit harder.

In his post game press conference, Andy Reid joked about "the Patriots and three points" really giving him trouble, clearly alluding to the loss margin of the Super Bowl a few years ago.

There were a number of similarities between the two losses to the Patriots.  In the Super Bowl it was "we got there" and last night it was "we gave 'em a game," but in the end both contests came down to the fact that they could have won.  Without needing a miracle play, they could have won.  It's disappointing any time you can win a game and don't.

Surely this week will likely be full of Philadelphians calling for A.J. Feeley to take over the starting QB job.  Even last night on the post game show on Comcast, Ray Diddy said if it were up to him he would stick with the hot hand of A.J. Feeley.  We're not going to touch that one just yet but feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments.

And hey, if nothing else, A.J. Feeley earned himself the right to play at the Borgata whenever he wants.

For much more on the game check out our first half live blog and our second half live blog.  The image above of Juqua sacking Brady from Getty Images.  Also, thanks for all the commenters who got involved last night.  Good times.

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