AJ Feeley Gets Kicked Out of The Borgata

AJ Feeley Gets Kicked Out of The Borgata
January 14, 2007, 9:10 am
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According to Daily News gossip connoisseur Dan Gross, A.J. Feeley was kicked out of the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City yesterday.  Observe:

"Eagles quarterback A.J. Feeley was asked to leave a blackjack table at the Borgata yesterday morning following an argument with a casino dealer over a hand.

Reached yesterday, Feeley confirmed the incident, said he apologized to
casino employees before leaving for losing his cool and looks forward
to returning to the Atlantic City hotspot. Feeley said the dispute
started when a friend of his wasn't given enough time to buy insurance
on the dealer's hand, which had an ace showing.

The Borgata "doesn't comment on these types of rumors," a hotel spokesman told us yesterday."

In A.J.'s defense, 9 times out of 10 that you're playing blackjack in the morning it was preceded by a night of heavy drinking and dropping tons of cash.  So I pretty much envision Feeley sitting by himself, on his 14th Gin & Tonic -- or whatever backup QB's drink -- down a couple grand, trying to win it back while some dealer who's been working for 18 straight hours is getting on his nerves.  Hasn't that happened to everyone?

Now I ain't sayin' he shoulda yelled at him... but I understand.

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